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Cilexin scores 3.5 out of 5, based on 51 reviews in our Cilexin forum.

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35% (17)
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Author: Mark Allen from California

A good product. There's a lot of products like this on the market right now that just don't work as advertised. But what I like about this product is that it DOES work. Im not going to go into detail (since there's not enough room) but look at all the ratings for yourself.

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Author: Johnthebeast from Florida

YO this stuff is off the hook man, my ol' lady likes it a lot. and lemme tell ya gentleman. never had a problem before. never have one now ;)

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Author: Brandon from New York

Product left me with a bit more confidence. But I dunno if its the side effects, or what's to happen. Guys, you buy this product, be careful: Your manhood will hurt for a little bit till you get used to it being stronger. Is all I gotta say.

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Author: Alex from Cilexin forum

Cilexin kicked in within a month, way too long. However, it's turned our relationship around!

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Author: Clint from Cilexin forum

A decent product. seems like it comes from a trusted merchant too. Bottle was nice and clean, pills are easy to swallow. All in all, its a product that works.

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Author: Colton from Indiana

I switched from my previous supplements I was taking, and I personally like them a lot more. They work a lot better, and I have a lot more confidence in the bedroom.

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Author: Anonymous from Cilexin forum

Do not buy! These didn't work for me at all!

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Author: Jim from Cilexin forum

Quick question: how long do I have to take these pills for, for them to start affecting me?

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Author: Kayla Ann from Cilexin forum

First off. This stuff does work, but the thing is it only seems to work if you make a change. My husbands doctor recommended that if this was to work, he should also exercise, and cut out alcohol from his diet. Our sex life has never been better, but beware potential customers. You have to make a commitment to using this and changing for it to work.

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Author: Martin from chattanooga

WOW. this stuff blew my mind away! I've been on this stuff for 2 months already and already I feel my erections lasting longer, and are stronger than ever. Blows my mind.

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Author: eric from chicago

Pretty good stuff really. It's started affecting me early on, and it's given me a hell of a confident boost.

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