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Author: sss from Vimax forum


Author: sss from Vimax forum

vimax is shit product do not trust those guys who say it's good they all work for vimax do not buy vimax!

Author: Anonymous from minnesota

vimax is a great product. i usually took the pill in the afternoon and i really didnt feel anything special, however someone claimed it was better taken in the morning and they were right. i now take one pill when i wake up, usually while i have morning wood haha. i feel a lot of pressure in my penis and feel it being bigger. i have gained 1.75 in length and 1 in girth. 2 month supply

Author: clickclick from england

thanks to everyone who posted about their experiences, i've just started takin vimax pills(been 10days) but i have no idea about the "execises" u guys mentioned.. can someone tell me, what are those exercises? thanks is advance..

Author: penismaster from Vimax forum

good post,most pills work better with exercises!..

Author: mike from minnesota usa

good overall product, i would say that pro solution is a better buy. didnt know it at the time. i did gain 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth. keep in mind i did exercises, but mainly clamping. product does work with work from you give it a try and remember to do exercises

Author: Anonymous from arizona

if u complaint anything about the product. their customer support won't answer or reply to u. they just want your money. be careful.

Author: brain from Vimax forum

This just confirms the fact that different penis pills work for different people. You cannot choose the penis pill that will work for you without trying them. Just see the rating and start with top rated penis pills, they are likely to work for you. If they don't - try something else until you find your pills. There is a money back guarantee and you will not lose your money.

Author: Anonymous from USA

i don't know what everyone is talking about, i used vimax and did excersizes, because lets face it, a pill cant do it all. Overall i gained 1.4 inches in length and about.73 inches in girth. vimax works, just do excersizes, otherwise im not sure if it will

Author: cc from LA

kc from NY: you should choose other pills, see the rating. These vimax penis pills are not the best choice. Finalyy I found a penis enlargement forum where people can say what they really think about these pills!!! The truth is that vimax is not that good as they want it to appear!!

Author: kc from NY

DAMM!! i was about to order 6 month of vimax pills yesterday,the only reason i didnt order it its because the person who was tlking to me throw live chat was taking forever, they say u save 10% if u order over live chat will all i could say im ver happy i didnt waste my money . so could any one recommend a pill that i should buy ,, ill be checking back thanks alot.

Author: FrogLegsJones from scarborough

I finished using the product, and YES it does have a very intense exercise program. but sadly I already knew the program and if I knew that before I got Vimax I would not have gotten it. I did the exercise program before and it gave me a inch before I stoped and lasted for good. All Vimax does is get more blood to the penis so when you do the exercse it gets bigger faster. the exercise works tho

Author: Guppy from MD

All I know is that vimax made me impotent

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Don't buy it, waste of money. terrible customer service either too

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Natural and herbal supplements wont due damage to you like listed. Low blood pressure is not involved, neither is working out. You gained 10 pounds because you work out, duh dude.. its called muscle, it weighs more than fat since you dont know that either. Im about to take it ill get back to everyone to let you know how it when. As for prosolution, there both rated top two, whats the difference.

Author: Andrew from Vimax forum

it makes no sense to take Vimax or any other penis pills if you have 7 inch penis it should not be too big

Author: P. from Vimax forum

that's nonsense, vimax doens't have exercises, see vimax reviews below!

Author: FrogLegsJones from scarborough

I have a 7 inch penis and 6 inch girth, I am on my 3rd day of vimax pills I notice hard erections more blood flowing to penis. the problem is you guys worked out and the extra blood your body produced went to your arms. Also Vimax pills have a real good exercise program with many length grith exercises to make a place for that exra blood. after a month i will post if it worked and how well

Author: US guy from US

If you need exercises you should choose either prosolution pills or vigrx plus, they have amazing exercise programs

Author: P. from NY

Is it worth buying Vimax pills if they don't have an exercise program? It looks like I should choose something with exercises. Please advise!

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

exercises are good, they increase effects of penis pills on your penis, always do the exercises!!!

Author: Diego from USA

I took Vimax for 2 months and didn't notice any changes! I only got harder erection and thats all. Also, I gained 10 lbs, however, I work out at least 5 times a week. DOT TAKE IT!!!!

Author: Jordan from USA

I went on the Vimax website and used the live chat to ask a representative what some of the exercises were and he wouldn't tell me. However, if you look at some other reviews and whatnot about Vimax, you'll see that you need to do the exercises. Still on the fence about whether or not I should take them though.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

I wish I saw these vimax reviews before I purchased these pills. This shit does not work.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

vimax pills suck

Author: Ant. from Vimax forum

Thanks for this site I purchased another product not Vimax. See my review in prosolution pills thread.

Author: Anonymous from Utah

I will not try this stuff due to everyone's experience. Thanks for the input. I'll save my money.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

3 weeks is not enough to see results; however I took it for 3 months and there was no result at all; I'm taking prosolution now; growth is almost one full inch after 6 weeks!

Author: HMM from NY

Ive been taking the new vimax for about 3 weeks and not a thing has changed.. Dont buy these shitty pills.

Author: Anonymous from Atlanta

Was on ViMax for two results except putting me in the hospital ...caused my blood pressure to drop to the point I passed out. Do not waste your money or health.

Author: penismaster from Vimax forum

is there a money back guarantee with Vimax?..if can return it and order a prosolution pills....they come with exercises and work better...

Author: GCN from usa...austin tx

oh great :/...judging by most of the comments here I feel I have wasted my money...iv been taking vimax for 2weeks now n still nuthin..I will continue and let yall know a mouth or 2 from now if any changes occur... and if I may ask wut are the exercises?

Author: Anonymous from UK

This is a waste of time, I have tried it for about two month but no result. A complete waste of money. please do not spend your hard earned money on this product is like thorwing your money down the drain



Author: Anonymous from england

this pill does not work what a waste of money

Author: CS from CA

iv been taking vimax for almost 2 weeks now. iv almost have used one full bottle, because i take 2 pills a day. i read that working out helps the pills work.. iv also read that taking caffine out of your diet helps too.. im in really good shape and workout every day. i eat pretty good. i also havent drank anything with caffine since iv been taking vimax.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

iam on my 2nd bottle of vimax,the first bottle was like a sandy coloured capsule,but the second bottle i opened the capsule is white in color,any body no why this is.after six week of takin vimax my penis seems to feel a bit more meaty but no gain in length or girth

Author: Anonymous from va

no increase in size just harder erections stop taking it and it goes away! also have frequent trips to the bathroom with few drops of pee! wth? waste of money

Author: Anonymous from Scotland

I was on the internet, and came past this and bought myself 3 month supply. And i did see improvement's my penis got size got inch bigger and it got harder and i would last longer. My girlfriend even agrees something has changed. Vimax is ingredients and herbs work's on some people some time's doesn't

Author: Anonymous from chicago

Iv been taking vimax for 1 1/2 mnth ioncrease in penis size but theres an increase in my my stomach is really huge right not a drinker or i dont eat much but my stomach really became big since i started taking vimax.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

vimax is not the same as vigrx. If you are not seeing results with vimax products you are just not taking the pills proper and using common sence. that simple.

Author: A from Vimax forum

Vimax company is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. VigRX is Leading Edge Herbals, Greeley, CO, USA. Why do you say it's the same company?

Author: B from USA

Planned on trying ProSolutions or VigRX but it seems they are in the company as Vimax. They all seem to share their websites and rankings with each other. Kinda like you scratch my back I scratch your back. Very skeptical and will do more research on these fuckers.

Author: B from USA

Felt like it was a miracle something that worked. Bought a 6 month supply to really test it out. Same routine as before but this time pills seemed different. Did not smell as strong. Did not feel as strong. If anything made me sicker. Took the whole 6 months no results at all. It was trash. Never trying it again. Maybe look for something new.

Author: B from USA

Fucking shit sucks. Please believe it. Ive tried 3 types of pills to see weather or not it works. Ive tried ExtagenCapsules which I ran across when I first wanted to try pills. It was trash. MagRX is bigger trash. Its like chewing on clay. Lastly Vimax. I first bought 1 bottle. Took it daily with vitamins, protein and exercise. Penis felt heavier and gained a 1/4 in. Went away when pills was out.

Author: Adam from Australia

I just bought the Pill today, when it arrives ill let you guys know the results, but im worried after reading your responses

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

not a coincidence, most of penis pills customers are from US so most comments (both negative and positive) come from this country as well

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Its really wierd how all the people that say it works is from the US. im curious if its the advertiser's who write those ones. Vimax is a company from the US.. Conincidence?

Author: Tony from USA

I have taken it for 5 months now. No exercise, I've gained about an 1.5 inches in length and girth. Rock hard erections and it cured my premature ejaculation problem.

Author: Anonymous from denmark

i have taken vimax for 2month now. and i dont see any results at all!! dont buy them!!

Author: Anonymous from uk

Just finished 2nd month of 5 month supply. Feels a little meatier when soft & wife keeps commenting on hardness but no gain length or width. Total bollocks! Will try ProSolution

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

They gave me about 1/5 of an inch in length that went away when i stopped using them. They suck.

Author: Anonymous from nj

Ive been taking vimax for 2 weeks now, only noticing harder erections. I was not planning on doing any exercises with the pill because the site says you do not need to to see any results. Any particular time to start doing exercises, 1/2 hr after taking the pill maybe?

Author: Anonymous from imperial valley

will start using this pills next week! 2 see what happends. bought a 3 month supply.

Author: NYC from NYX

i finished my 4th bottle as well, and this shit product did not increase size ore any girth. only thing it did was increased my heart rate, and gave me hard erections. you can see my other 2 timely postings on this forum, i posted it when i started it, i posted it at the end of my 3rd bottle, and now im posting it again.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

i have been taking vimax just over a month now and been jelqing 4 times a week results at alll except harder erections

Author: saigon by night from denmark

i begiin to make the exercice every day. so i hope it will work. i dont belive if you not do the exercice is waste of time,, how can you grow if you not do any work out, is the same like anabolic. you still need to exercice before you get big

Author: Anonymous from uk

Ok im currently taking vimax, i have only been taking them for 1.5 weeks and i want to no if i am waisting my time, they are voted the no.1 penis pill enhancer so they cant be all that bad surely?..but having read some of the reviews i am starting to worry about my investment in vimax.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

i have taken vimax almost one month now.. i just begiin to make exercices. im half inch longer now and alittle bit more girth.. i belive you shall exercice to se any results

Author: Anonymous from usa

what a waste of time and money. just got harder erections but honestly I never had problems getting it up. no increase on size at all

Author: Anonymous from uk

hi i just start taking itz been 2 days i'll let ya know the results

Author: #1 from USA

Only 2 weeks in and my erections are hard as a rock. Its a little early so I can't see any size gains, current size is 5.1/2 L and 5 G. So far it looks promissing. . .

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

ive been taking the pills at like 3 in the afternoon and i havent seen results- maybe taking them in the morning will help?

Author: max from Vimax forum

it can be a great product for you but not for me, used my 4th bottle and still no no gain only better erection from time to time

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

i heard of that exercise.. its used for increasing girth.. so i guess i can see where and how it helps the pills.. thanks i'm going to try that.. i've being using the pills going on two month and i've notice change without exercises but i guess your tip will speed up the process.. VIMAX IS A GREAT PRODUCT!!

Author: Jay from Vimax forum

and for that excercise be sure to use a lubricant so u wont have like sore penis from all the twisting.. and the goal is to be about 70% hard.. if ur fully hard it work.. and with this excercise your help the fluid from the pill to enter the rest of the penis starting at the head down to the base.. allowing the pills formula to store and fill the chambers which expand ur length and width

Author: Jay from Vimax forum

and about that excercise.. here's an excerise i use that helps speed the growth.. read carefully.. OKAY: take a warm/hot wash cloth and put it on your genitals Then: while its on them and still warm... you have to kinda Milk your penis as if it was a cow.. So: with ur thumb and pointer finger start from the based of your penis and pretend as if u were milking a cow until u reach the top

Author: Mav from New Jersey

Hey Jay.. how's it going i see the pill are actually working for someone else as well.. exercises are key to fast development.. so guys this is what u do: TAKE ONE PILL EVERYDAY IN THE MORNING not at night b4 bed and definitely not mid-day.. MORNING!! u get hard in the morning for a reason.. your hormones and blood pressure builds gradually and by taking the pills they become more Effective!

Author: Jay from New York

The product works great.. the first 9 days... i feel alot stronger erections, i had sex and it exactly helps with premature ejaculation.. here's how it worked for me so far... A excercise and the time u take it plays a huge role in how much u gain out of the pill...

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Don't be conned into buying these, they really don't work, i used 5 months worth and had rock hard erections only, i was very easily aroused tho, if anything i have become dependent on the fact i could get hard whenever i wanted and it feels a bit rubbish once you come off, so i wouldn't recommend them for that reason.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

vimax website doesnt say anything about exercises- what kind should you do and for how long and how often

Author: Mav from new Jersey

The pills great.. all you need to do is look up some penis excercises and take the pill daily and you will achieve ur goals.. i was 6.75....... two month i am not 7.5 inches.. so they actually work... it isnt lies.. this product works.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

its been 3 bottles without any results at all! none in length or width whatsoever. Is it likely that other pills will work such as prosolution or does increased blood flow just not get the job done?

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

yes.. but in the topic people write there have take vimax in 3 4 months without results.. how can you be sure that works:-/

Author: alex from Vimax forum

their website says you don't need exercises

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum


Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

if you take vimax for 3 months and there is no gain in girth or length, will exercises with conjunction with vimax help at all? what are the chances of seeing results when taking vimax and exercising?

Author: NYC from NYX

I had bought 4 months of supply, i have already consumed 3 months and now im on my last bottle. No change, just extra hard erections. I have never had problem getting it for some people who never had the fullest erection and when they take this pill, its like wow i gained length!!! total BS two stars only because u get harder erections. Its a waste of money but its an experience.

Author: Anonymous from denmark

is not look good:( i have buy'd 3 months vimax. im on my 3 day now. i can se in the topic many say is not work for them... do it work if i exercide.. there support say you dont need it at all?? is that a waste of money prudukt??

Author: vv from toronto

my friend bought a year supply and sold me 3 bottles, we both have been on it for 2 months now and i started at 18 cm in length and im 19 now so not much of a gain but my friend says he gained a inch so im thinkiing its hit and miss

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

lol the website says the pills work without exercises and don't even list any of the site itself for that reason, and exercises can damage your penis, sounds more like a company rep if you ask me

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Vimax works if you do the excersises along with it. Vimax helps blood flow to the penis. It is like taking steroids...if you do them and dont work out do you think you will get bigger...nah. Ive taken for two months and doing the excersises and there is a huge difference in appearence. I was 7.5 now i am 9.3. It works if you know what you are doing..

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

been taking for 1.5 months as well - no results at all!!!

Author: Jay from SESD

ummm... been taking for 1.5 months. No increase or nothing. just easy to get aroused and good errections. no biggie....

Author: Anonymous from Cali

I am asian, i have a pretty small dick. I bought vimax and am starting today. I'll let you know the results.

Author: al from oregon

8 weeks in to this, I seem to be very easley aroused to get rock hard from start till now but no size differance at all.I will rate agian in 16 weeks.

Author: Anonymous from USA

Does Vimax or any of the penis enlargement products cause high blood pressure? I have had 6 bottles of Vimax and have used 2 so far. I've noticed a little increase in girth and hardening but not lengh and I have realized that my pressure has gone up even though I wasn,t hypertensive before taking the vimax.

Author: Anonymous from uk

Don't waste your time with this, i was part of a trial and was given 5 months worth to test the product, i ddn't have anything to hide as i already have a decent penis. When on the product i was easily sexually aroused, and had a good hard erection, but after 5 months there was in no way any size increase in my penis, i've now been off the pills for a month and my erection has gone back to norma

Author: you know who from Dallas

Vimax does not make patches you retards, I bought 3 bottles, I am 5.5 now will report results.

Author: Anonymous from us

I started at only 4.5 inches and after 6 months of taking Vimax I am now 7.6 inches long. Great product!

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

im taking vimax and so for it has been like 6 weeks and i have hard erections but little gain in width or length.

Author: Anonymous from uk

just started 2 months supply of vimax will let you know my results.

Author: Anonymous from NY

this could work for anyone else but not for me - don't buy this shit

Author: Anonymous from USA

I've tried all of the top brands and Vimax is definitely the best. Besides the 1.5" in length gain I also experience a better sex life all around. Definitely worth the money. Great product.

Author: Anonymous from Los Angles

This shit does not work

Author: Sex from UK

No size gains...only rock hard erections...

Author: admin from

2 Anonymous/USA: see the live rating stats at the bottom of this page. We do not publish some fixed product there, it just displays the best product according to user ratings on our forums.

Author: Anonymous from UK

Damn Vimax doesn't sound that appealing to me now, i think i'll research upon ProSolution Pills!

Author: Anonymous from USA

what does work?

Author: Luke from Germany

I ordered the 6 months of it, ive taken 4 months of it will little or no help. finally this months i have noticed some width changes, but its merely noticeable. Ive emailed them and they have let me know i may have a harder immune system to the ingediants. alls i know was it was a good 250 or so for a long shot, and i wasnt impressed.

Author: Anonymous from america

shit product and doesnt work

Author: NYC from NYX

i ordered 4 month supply. i am on my first bottle rightnow. the change so far is extremely hard erections. and that i've been masturbating back-to-back two times daily(im single). secondly my stomach roars like a tiger. its embarassing when im in class. but this loud roaring wasn't there b4 the pill. I will continue to use full 4 months.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

after eading these it looks like the pilkls work best and that it can be a bit of hit and miss for some people

Author: JC from Florida

I bought a couple of bottles; I am almost done with the 2nd bottle and no change yet. No enlargement at all and no increase in libido either. It does not work. I think they post many positive ratings on the net, to give the impression this works, but it does not.

Author: Anonymous from new york

this is an excellent product... i used the pill for 2 months and i gained 1.5 in length and .5 in girth

Author: D from WA

For 3 months no increase in length.

Author: Anonymous from ohio

vimax did nothing except cause constipation and when i sent 6 full bottles back and 2 empties within the 60 day period they said i only sent back 4 bottles and that they received them to late to give me a refund.what a ripoff this company is.Are you supposed to show the post office how many bottles are in the box before you wrap it for mailing.These foreign talking assholes are ripoff artist.

Author: doc from Vimax forum

if your eyes have been bloodshot, you should immediately stop taking this and consult your local physician

Author: Anonymous from NY

vimax does work, you will gain up to 3 inches after 3 or 4 months, trust me, it works...

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

I've been taking for 3 days, and my eyes have been bloodshot. Is this somrthing anyone else has expereienced?

Author: Review Master from Vimax forum

It's odd that the last two posts had to use patches for Vimax. When I used it, I actually had to take pills. (One a day) It said Vimax on the bottle. Is there an option to get a patch version of Vimax? That is very weird.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

4 months, and 4 months of time and money wasted. Thesepatches are a scam. No gains at all. If there was it was superficial.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Well it has been 3 months, still 6" long and 6" thck - no difference - I will finish the patches, as I paid for 4 months - but overall these patches SUCK, many patches will come off as well before the three days are up. I will try Prosolutions next, they seem to work according to posts

Author: p from Vimax forum

right you can try pro solution, I'm very pleased with how much I've gained in a short time - just check my review in prosolution forum here, I'll write it in a few minutes

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

I just got done using Vimax for 2 months. Overall I've noticed my erections have gotten harder. My libido has increased, almost too much in fact. As for size increase. I saw no increase in length, and about a half inch in girth. Overall not bad. I'm going to switch to Pro Solution, as that seems to be getting good reviews.

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

I am the one that rated these pills a month ago and lost 3/4 inch. It has now been 2 full months. I am back to my normal 6" Length hard, and 6" girth. I DO notice that when I look in the mirror, it does seem to look bigger soft. My wife said that it is thicker; she actually said it hurts her mouth now. According to the tape it’s no bigger, but it does feel harder. I am committed to 4 months.

Author: Kamy from Vimax forum

I Used this produc for about a month and no change in size of my penis :(

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

Been on VMax Patch forabout 3 weeks, I have actually lost 3/4 of an inch in length nad 1/2 inch in girth. My erectios do not seem t be any harder either. I was warned by a freind that swears by this oatch that this is normal for the first month. I have the 4 month supply, will report back in a month or so. So far not imptresed

Author: cutelavalboy from montreal

I've been on it for about 3 weeks an I have noticed harder erections and stronger ejaculation. So far so so good. I'll post back at the end of my cycle in 5 weeks

Author: Anonymous from Vimax forum

i took this for about around 2 months maybe more. i noticed libido increase but lenth or girth not much

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