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Author: markus from uk see standard gains how many days a week should i jelq.thanks.write bk soon.

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

if you do all exercises you can notice changes in flaccid size..but the main goal of penis pills+exercises programs is to enhance erected penis size..

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

I didn't see any change in flaccid penis but my erected penis looks 1 1/2" bigger now :)

Author: slug from California

do these pills make a flaccid penis look bigger, please reply.

Author: Tn from ProSolution forum

I gained an inch after 3 months, do you think it's OK or could be faster?

Author: George from Uk

I contacted Extagen Customer Service regarding the excersise and they said excerises is not necessary while taking Extagen but still if any one you guys are doing excersise taking other pills then can you tell me how did u manage to get those excersise and from where....cheers.

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

George, just check the rating of Prosolution and Exagen and you will see which product is better!

Author: George from UK

Which product is good penismaster......extagen or pro solution AND what are the excersies should i proform and where can i find them.....please help.

Author: George from UK

How do i know what excersise should i do after taking pills.....will the pack have a booklet with a number of excersise....please advice.....thanks.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

im 17 is it alright to take prosolution?

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Matthew, different people see different results. I don't think you will notice first gains in a week or less. It usually takes at least 2-3 weeks and up to 6 weeks to start seeing gains. It depends. Anyway you should experience increase in sex drive and erection hardness within the first month.

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

DD, jelqing does increase feeling in your penis! You will not lose anything, you will only gain a lot down there :)

Author: matthew richards from london

penismaster/andy.what was ur first signs of gains with prosolution and wen did it happen.example 1st week,5th week.i will appreciate the feedbak.peace.

Author: matthew richards from london

UPDATE.ive been using this for 20 days(almost 3weeks)and ive knowtist 2day that i have alot of veins showing along my penis and also the bak of the head is very puffy.i jelq 4 days a week doing 250-300 sure gains will come soon.i will update soon 2 let u guys know what to expect if u guys hav a similar routine as me.

Author: dd from nc

hey i heard that jelqing DOES increase your size but i heard that you will lose alot of feeling in your penis.... is this true becuase i dont wont to lose feeling down there

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

right matthew; vimax did not work for me; i'm not sure about vigrxplus; prosolution pills are good; that's why they have the highest rank; it's fair

Author: matthew from london

to strike333 from toronto.all i can say is that it does not work trust me ive used it for sum time, all it gave me was a lil bit harder erections.ur better off trying prosolution or vigrx plus those two are rated the best.if u dnt belive me check on the vimax forum 4 urself ratings dnt lie.

Author: strike333 from Toronto

Are the results permanent? Vimax claim their pills are permanent (3-4 inches) which I think is too good to be true. Does prosolution give permanent result after stopping the pill?

Author: Anonymous from Philippines

I hope there would be dealer here in the philippines, so we can see the product first before we decide to buy.

Author: matthew from london

im abit skeptical if this works but i jus got my 3month supply and i will update my review after each month to give a honest review to let u guys know if this works.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum


Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

this is correct,if your goal is only stopping premature ejaculation,you can forget about exercises,penis pills will work fine..if you also need harder erections and bigger penis,you should do exercises as well..

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

use pills+exercises for permanent erection enhancement

Author: P from Colorado

If my main goal is to acheive harder erections and last longer, is this the best product for me? if i go with prosolution, will i always need them to get the erections i want and prevent premature ejaculation? will a 2 or 3 months supply help me acheive my goals? i appreciate any response.

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Mattew Richards: yes, if your primary goal is to stop premature ejaculation, you can live without exercises. But why don't you perform these exercises and experience even greater results? Don't you want to increase sex drive, have better orgasm and enlarge your erect penis?

Author: mattew richards from london

hi guys i just got a 3 month supply n i would like to know if i take these pills alone with no exercise would the pills be able to stop premature ejactulation.

Author: M from ProSolution forum

so does the exercises come with the order u have placed????

Author: break from ProSolution forum

that's right sweh14 and I think prosolution is one of these magic pills!

Author: sweh14 from canada

There are literally hundreds of pills, patches and devices being sold online, but only a few of these products are 100% Guaranteed to add 1-3" in length and girth to your penis.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

I can see and feel some changes after a week of prosolution program.

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Bob, unfortunately this is not correct. If you continue the ProSolution penis pills + penis exercises program for 2 more months, you will probably gain one more inch. Still, results will be slower. I don't think anyone can gain more than 50% of his original size.

Author: Bob from NY

I took prosolution penis pills for 2 months and gained an inch. If I continue taking prosolution and perform those exercises for 2 more months, will I gain another inch? 4 months = 2 inches? Please advise.

Author: dave from ohio

the exercises are online, they give you free access to some website that has the program

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

i bought a pack of prosolution pills,it came without the exercise manual so widely advertised,has anyone experienced this

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

volume pills are for increased sperm count or loads of a waterfall....

Author: J from Arkansas

My order comes with a box of volume pills. Anybody know what these do? Sounds obvious but I wanted to ask. There is no info on the site about them.

Author: J from Arkansas

I just ordered the 4 month supply w/ overnight shipping so we will see. I've been taking Enzyte and stretching / jelqing for 3 weeks. I started at 7" length and 5" girth and have gained almost 1/4" in length and no girth. My goal is 9" long and atleast 6" girth. I'll keep posting with progress after I get the prosolution. BTW, I think the Enzyte has hurt more than helped, I don't recommend

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

penis pills work better with exercises

Author: Anonymous from england

so if i take the pills for 6 months with no excercises they wont work ? or if they do i will lose all gains?

Author: Anonymous from UK

I tried this a couple of years ago. I've tried a few but I'd say this was probably the only one that I've seen any gains. Nothing much but I say I gained just over half an inch. Compared to the others that did nothing it was ok. Any gain is good.

Author: dave from Minnesota

all i know is that after the 6 months and the program my gf cant even get it in her mouth and it barely fits inside her. these pills work wonders, im huge and i know it. and she knows it haha everyone buy and ignore the nay sayers

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

results are permanent if you follow the program..

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

i want to know if the effects are perminant, i don't want to finish the pills and then loose all the size can anyone tell me what happens after the six months

Author: M. from Europe Germany

I didn't notice any side effects, I have been taking these pills for 5 months, no side effects, only positive effects. I can't say exactly how much I gained, I didn't measure my penis cause this is not my goal, but it's bigger in both length and girth, my sex drive is better and I can stand longer now. I have 1 more bottle, will open it tomorrow.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

they wouldn't sell these pills if they had side effects

Author: xz from CA

How much is it, and does it have side effects?

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

penis pills contain herbs that enlarge the penis when aroused..these herbs expand erectile tissues so they can hold more blood..this makes your penis larger in size..penis exercises include the famous Jelq and Kegel exercises which are designed to control length and girth gains..

Author: Anonymous from USA

How is it working?

Author: M from ProSolution forum

Thanks 6 months the most you can gain or if you carry on will you grow more...thanks for the help andy

Author: randy from idaho

i used for 6 months and overdid the program. I gained 2.5 inches in length and 1.5 in girth. I know have a 9 inch dick that is 7 inches around. i;m shocked at how good these pills work. just hope its permanent

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

m,remember to follow all program recommendations like exercises,pills schedule,etc!!!

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

m, you can expect to gain at least 1.5". If your current size is 5", you will be 6.5" or even 7" after 6 months of ProSolution program.

Author: m from ProSolution forum keen on getting pro solution it worth 5 inch at the moment and not to happy but my girth is much will i gain if i take a 6 month course???can someone that knows what they are talking bout plz plz plz reply

Author: m from South africa

really keen on getting these pills...but really expensive for where im from..can anyone help me in telling me if its a good penis size is only 5 much could it grow.....plz reply

Author: dan from wisconsin

After i have taken these pills and performed all the exercises throughout the 6 months, i know have a legit 10 inch dick that is 6.5 inches around. these pills are amazing

Author: Anonymous from NY

Prosolution is and vimax they are 2 best right now they worked good for me

Author: bill from minnesota

i can honestly tell you that pro solution really works. I ordered 6 months of pills and overall i gained 2 inches in length and 1 in girth. i did the exercises about 50% of the time. yes they work wonders. and permanent

Author: Anonymous from philippines

yo people does the prosolution really works? anybody can answer pls rep

Author: will from oklahoma city

The only reason i give prosolution 4 stars not 5 is because i havent measured myself from the start. i have been taking for about a month and a half and i have definitely noticed length however. but the most rewarding is the ladies responses. i have 3 that i frequent and THEY all noticed. Thats all that matters. The only other i have tried was xomax. I will purchase another supply.

Author: sam from ProSolution forum

what is exercises programe????help me pls

Author: ryan from florida

are the exercises required to gain length and girth or can i just take the pills and see some small gains. i dont want to become much bigger i just want to see if they work for a future reference

Author: Michaell from ProSolution forum

Hmm ..ok! thanks guys.. i was thinking it is much easyer with the pump ..but i will do the exercices then! the thing is i took pro pills for 1 month without exercices and i havent seen any grows in lenght or grith. :(

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

This is correct. Vacuum Pumps are completely different and cannot replace exercises. Well, you can take penis pills and use a pump but I would not recommend penis pumps at all. They are known to cause erection problems: you get addicted and cannot get an erection without a pump.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

forget about vacuum pumps, they are very bad

Author: Michaell from ProSolution forum

Hi ,i was wandering is i can replace the exercices with a vacum pump ..use it every day 15-20 min gives more blod in u're penis then the exercices! What do u think?

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

if you want permanent results you need to enlarge your penis both from inside and outside..this is done when you take penis pills(increase blood flow from inside)and do exercises(physically change your length and girth)..results of this kind of penis enlargement program are permanent without maintenance for most men..of course no one can guarantee 100%!..

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

so penis master when u speak of permanent do u mean it's permanent once u maintain it or permanent even without the maintenance?

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Chuck, it depends on your body, how it will react on penis pills without exercises. I think you can expect 1-2 inches in 6 months.

Author: chuck from ohio

whats the most you could gain from six months withought doing excersizes?

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

yes these penis pills will help you prevent premature ejaculation as well

Author: Anonymous from PA

Will these pills help with my staying power? I would rather not be done after a min of sex

Author: dr.seller from USA

ProSolution Pills are without a doubt the best penis enlargement pills I have found so far. These pills are actually a system of high quality natural pills plus exercise techniques from an award winning penis enlargement site - Penis Health.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

I have trouble swallowing pills, anyone think i could mix the capsule in a drink and it still work?

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

you can do it bill!

Author: bill from minnesota

so basically i have a stupid goal of being 9.5 by 5.5 currently im 8 by 5.25. if i order like 6 months can i achieve this goal and will it be permanent. thanx everyone

Author: Anonymous from john

vig rx is the best

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

hi paolo i didn't invent these penis pills..and be realistic,you will never gain 3 inches in 3 can expect up to 1 inch in 2 months..

Author: paolo from milan

Hi penismaster-andy.I have heared this medicin has very very good effect(VPXL pill).3 months=3inch!!!!!!what is your idea?tnx

Author: mike from wa

to those who asked if this was safe for teens im 16 and am takeing magna rx+ ive been takeing it for 2 weeks now and ive been fine no headackes or nothing totally normal but maybe thats just me i think as long as your atleast 16 your fine caouse i heard that most guys penis stops growing at around 16 but ive also heard it can grow tell your 21 just matters how your body is each persons diffrent.

Author: Anonymous1 from ProSolution forum

Took me sometime to read the reviews. But nobody has confirmed this. Will my penis size permanent if I just stop taking pills and exercise once I reached my desire penis size. (Pills taken as schedule together with exercise)

Author: hero from ir

prosolution appoved by FDA???????

Author: BB from losA

penis master you are right bro I took prosolution pills for a whole month without any result at all andthen noticed there were exerceses haha once I started exercice program I gained 1 1/4" in next 2 months this is Good bro!

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Reply to Anonymous from one of the previous comments: After you grow as much as you want, you can always take the maintenance dose of these penis pills for your sexual health benefits, they have absolutely no side effects and you have NO risks!

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

sam,one month may be to short for you to start seeing first gains,some men notice first gains in 5-6weeks..however,most people see gains in 2-3weeks..please let us know more about your program:how many pills do you take per day?do you perform all exercises?

Author: sam from NY

One month, no me

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

After I grow as much as I care to, what do I do with the rest of my pills? I'd like to keep taking them for the sexual health benefits, but I don't want to risk becoming a sideshow attraction.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Get the visa classic card somewhere and order your box of prosolution pills :))

Author: Anonymous from UK

I'm in the UK and have only a switch/maestro card and visa electron card. Seemingly both can't be accepted. Any suggestions?

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

jeremy,you are right,prosolution pills work good without exercises..but what do you think you could gain if you supported penis pills with exercises? could gain 1.5inch,or even 2 inches!..

Author: Jeremy from ProSolution forum

Dane, I think these exercises are just nothing, I took ProSolution penis pills for 3 months and gained an inch without any exercises at all!!!

Author: Jeremy from ProSolution forum

yes safe if you are at least 16 years old

Author: dane from new jersey

i am a very busy man and i am really interesting in ordering pro solution. if i get 6 months worth but dont do any exercises like they recommend would i still see gains and if so how much bigger would i maybe get

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

bset product

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

safe for a 17 year old?

Author: mike from wa

you can pay by money order i think were you mail the money you can get money orders at banks and places like that i think you can last time i checked of course i think that would be slower than a credet card and if you dont have a crdet card i wonder if you could use a prepaid credet card?

Author: Mihai from Romania

I have ordered 1 box of pro pills and i sow that my orgasms ar more intese and the penis looked a lil'bit bigger when was not erected ..but i've stoped and i orderd 2 boxs again but i just cant belive u can get 1 inch or more and by operation mybe u can get 1 inch !! plz add me on yahoo or send me an email and tell me if it works ..plz plz my email is . tnx a lot !!

Author: nick from kansas

hey guys im currently 5.5 by 5 and my gf says that the sex is good, but not great, she always just seems unimpressed. what size would really impress her and put some steam back into our love life. i'll order whatever amount of pro solution pills, im about to be shipped over to iraq for 6 months, would 6 be enough to suprise her when i get back?

Author: David from N.O.

I took both Vimax and ProSolution penis pills for 2 months, results were great, I plan to order more packs and take both these pills again, they work great together!

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

ww. you'd better complete your vimax first and then start prosolution

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

there is no statistics for girth gains,it depends on particular persons but if you do certain penis exercises(they come with prosolution penis pills for free,you just need to choose those responsible for girth gains),you can expect 1-1.5" in 6 months.

Author: carl from Washington

i am currently happy with my size except for the thickness of it, how much girth on average do you gain from a 3 or a 6 month order??

Author: ww from I


Author: Anonymous from philippines

hi, this forum is full of comments! i am planing to buy the product. however, i don't have a credit cart. maybe i will use my mom's or my brother's credit card. i just would like to us what will come out on their bill?

Author: Anonymous from new jersey

thanx for the response but do you think i can gain that much girth in 6 months.

Author: Anonymous from Nevada

I am only 17 can I take pro solution ?

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

of course not,why do you think so?prosolution penis pills can only increase fertility along with other positive effects..

Author: qd74 from NY

could prosolution pills cause sterility in men...

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

2 Anonymous from New Jersey: according to the average stats, you will gain 1.5" - 2.0" in 6 months. 6 months of ProSolution penis pills program should be enough.

Author: Anonymous from new jersey

hey im currently 8 by 5 and i want to be around 9.5 by 6.5 do you think i can achieve this goal with 6 months of pills??

Author: Anonymous from south africa

how many different types of prosolution pill is there and which are the latest range, please advise i would like to buy them ...

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Penis pills are usually better then all other things: creams, luquids, oils, gels, etc.

Author: ??? from ProSolution forum

Did anyone hear about ProSolution Gel? Is it the same as ProSolution Pills?

Author: bob from ProSolution forum

I decided to order 3 month supply. I'm now 6.75" and I want to be 8". Pro Solution pills will do it!

Author: bob from ProSolution forum

Thanks Andy!

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Bob, you have very nice schedule, thank you. I think you should reach your goal in 5 months.

Author: bob from ProSolution forum

I wonder why you didn't see results after one month. I hope you didn't expect to gain 2 inches, did you? The average speed is 0.5" per month. Personally, I started with 0.25" in first month, then gained 0.5" in second month then another 0.5" in third month. That's +1.25" in 3 months. I'm thinking about purchasing more. 2 month supply should be enough for me. My goal is to gain 2" in 5 months.

Author: Anonymous from california

What kind of exercises do you do

Author: Clark from KY

One month, no results.

Author: guyver from south africa

heys guys i am still deciding , wat product to go with, please send advise

Author: mrjackie from ProSolution forum

i dont know if they do bt how many pills should i take for gaining 2 inch ?

Author: Anonymous from Miami

My progress is very good, I gained one inch in three months, I think this is OK for penis pills.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

yes they do

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

do they work

Author: Rickyy from Ny

Alright thanks for the response I'll order them and keep u guys posted

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

it is very hard to enlarge from 4" to 7"..i guess you should think about 6" goal,it will take 6 months..if you follow the program..

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

I would not recommend you to combine Viagra and Prosolution pills. Actually there should not be any problem, you can consult your doctor. Anyway Prosolution is better than Viagra as it has no side effects.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Don't buy extagen. It contains yohimbe. This ingredient causes heart related problems.

Author: ricky from new york

hey i been doing alot of research on these pills but im not sure which one to get. first would u guys recomend extagen or pro solution. also im currently size 4 and my goal is to get to 7 if much should i order? i tried vigrx before..i started feeling some change the first week but then nothing just headachs..and do u keep the size?

Author: Anonymous from US

I have to take Viagra, can I use prosolution? any feedback appreciated. thanks,

Author: mark from nevada

i want an honest response and all usefull info. i am 7.5 by 5 and my goal is 9.5 by 6. how many months do you think it will take to reach that goal. any helpful response is much appreciated

Author: David from Ohio

This pills have changed my life. i gained 3 inches in length and 2 in girth which puts me at 9.5 by 7. the results seem to be permanent. 9 months worth of pills with the exercises

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Thank you Bob, this is correct calculation. Do not buy penis pills on ebay, they can be cheaper fake copies. Only official site can offer original pills, exercise program, medical and clinical approval, money back guarantee, bonuses, and the most important thing - your results!

Author: bob from ProSolution forum

I was 4.25", took prosolution penis pills for 6 months and now I'm a bit less than 6". 6 months should be enough for you to enlarge from 4.5" to 6". And don't forget about exercises.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

honestly i'm 4.5in. how many pills should i purchase to reach what i hope will be 6in? is there anyone here who has purchased from ebay? is it dependable?

Author: mark from Indiana

hey guys i currently have a 7.5 inch penis that is 5 inches around. i'm planning on making 2 orders so i can get 9 months worth. my desired size is 9.5 by 6. so i guess im asking people that have used the pills if you think it is possible for me to reach my goal. any response is much appreciated

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

DE, if you are at least 18, you can start the prosolution program. But if you are under 18 I would recommend you to stay away from any penis pill.

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

jim,what about exercises?did you do all exercises?

Author: Jim from edmonton

i have been using these pills for like 2 months. Havent noticed any change at all in my length or girth...I do get stronger erections but thats about it

Author: DE from Aux

Yo,im a teen,and im wondering if i should wait to use these or if i should run and gun with them now?

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

if you did all exercises and took prosolution penis pills according to the schedule,results will be permanent...

Author: dan from bmore

From the comments I do believe that these pills will work, but say if u get 2 the size u want and stop taking them, will you go back 2 the size u were b4

Author: dude from somewhere

guy from india, do pro solution for at least 6 months and you will see gains in length and width, but remember to do the excersizes that are on the website

Author: Anonymous from india

i have 4.5", is there any pill which help me have 7+"?

Author: nick from ProSolution forum

I have been taking prosolution penis pills for 3 months and gained 1 inch. If I order another 3 month package, do you guys think I can gain another inch?

Author: tastar from ProSolution forum

I was a about to buy vimax but I seen the review and I glad to see them,, any way im about to order this pills I have 4.5 somteimes 5 I do exercice for the penis I hope I can get 6 or 6.5 and I will more than happy.

Author: brian from minnesota

hello its me it has been one month. my stats at the beginning were 8.5 by 5. and all i can say is that these pills do work. right now im 8.75 by 5.25 and thats after 1 month. i just know that after 2 or 3 months the gains will explode. im hoping

Author: aaron from texas

are these pills for real. will they really add length, girth, and are the results permanent. i really want to try them because i have a tiny dick someone help me i want to be 7 by 5.5 i;m 5 by 4.5

Author: Jess from Vancouver

well im thinking of getting these. hopefully they work. would be nice to go from 6 to 7+. will post back

Author: jason from minnesota

ok thanks man for the response. i know its kind of a wierd vision to be that big, but im going to try haha. wish me luck guys, i'll keep ya posted every 3 months

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

No one can guarantee that you will gain 2" in 9 months and get 10" by 6.5", there is only a statistics of average gains and it says yes, you can increase from 8" to 10" in 9 months. On the other hand, since you are endowed with 8" now you will probably get 10" even faster then in 9 months!

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