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Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum


Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Since there are both positive and negative reviews, I think they are real. I'm personally trying to figure out what is better Prosolution or Vigrx plus.

Author: C from LA

I'm trying to decide which to buy between the two products, and Vimax is usually rated above ProSolution on other sites. This is the first site I've seen talking bad about Vimax, so I just want to make sure these are real reviews.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

I think everyone can post both negative and positive feedbacks here. This means that Vimax works for some people and Prosolution works for most people.

Author: C from LA

This forum sounds a bit to positive about ProSolution, only three negative feedbacks? And Vimax has tons of negative feedback, though all the other sites rate the two products near eachother. That would be awesome if ProSolution really works that well, but I'm kinda skeptical that this site isn't backed by ProSolution or something...

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

growth is 1,5 inches after 2 months!

Author: Ant. from ProSolution forum

I would like to continue my review, I purchased prosolution pills 1 month ago after refusing vimax. My erection became hard and strong, and my girlfriend told me "something has changed". Ha-ha she doesn't know that I take these wonderful pills and she doesn't know how much I can gain in next 3 months! :)

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

i loved them

Author: Andrew from ProSolution forum

beginning 6.4", after 6 months it's 8.4"

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

prosolution pills come with exercise don't have to worry about it!

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

wut are the best exercises and how many diff ones should u do?

Author: Ant. from ProSolution forum

I was going to purchase vimax but according to reviews in vimax forum on this site, vimax is a waste of money. I purchased prosolution pills and they seem to be working, my erection is harder now after 14 days of taking pills and the penis size seems to be increasing!

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

taking prosolution; growth is almost one full inch after 6 weeks!

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Results usually appear after first week, but you should wait at least 1 month to make sure there are results. It's not 1 day solution. Exercise program come with pills for free and you should do all exercises!

Author: Pt from Us

Pills are working great, I gained approximately 2 inches in 4 months. I'll continue the program. Pills cured my erection problems. But be carefull about exercises, they caused some pains for me.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

when you order the pill does the exercises come with it? and how long does it take before you start to see results?

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

Hi, this is what official Prosolution website says: "A slightly soft erection is not only troublesome to you, but it's less visually exciting and less stimulating to your partner. For both of you, the ideal is an erection that is full, hard, and ultimately satisfying." Once again, Prosolution is what you are looking for if you need strong, hard, rock-solid erections.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

hey guys ..i'm 21 yo.. i'm 7.2 inches already & i DON'T want to enlarge my penis.. i'm just hoping my erections get strong like they used to be.. does anyone help me tell me what should i take?

Author: penismaster from ProSolution forum

see the prosolution pills...they do not contain is much better than other supplements!

Author: Anonymous from Alabama

Pro solution pills gave me harder and longer lasting erections, and greater sexual control. It was worth purchasing it.

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

I don't think anyone has ever investigated this question. Prosolution pills were created to help men increase penis size and not for increasing muscle mass. Remember, there is no muscle in your penis. Prosolution is penis pill, it's intended to provide permanent penis enlargement.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

So if it's natural, then will it by any chance increase muscle mass when lifting because of the natural testosterone being created?

Author: Andy from Washington

Since prosolution pills are not anabolic steroids, they are based on some herbal formula, they should not have these side effects.

Author: Andy from Washington

It NATURALLY increases testosterone levels in your body. "Naturally" means prosolution pills consist of natural herbal ingredients. As far as I can see anabolic steroids consist of some chemical compounds and have lots of adverse effect like high blood pressure, harmful changes in cholesterol levels, etc.

Author: Andy from Washington

Yes I think it works without exercises but results are better if you do perform them.

Author: Anonymous 1 from Europe

Hi folks, do you know how long takes standard shipping to Europe when you order? Also how are your experiences with security of your money when you've provided credit card number? Any non-authorize billings in spite of you didn't order again???

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

does this work if u dont do the excersices? Cuz I dont hag a computer

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

So it naturally increases testosterone levels in the body, unlike anabolic steroids where it isn't natural, right? Also what's the difference between natural ingredients and non-natural?

Author: Andy from Washington, DC

This is what I managed to find out: prosolution does increase testosterone level in your body thus increasing your desire and sex drive along with physical changes like better erection and bigger penis. But it is not like anabolic steroids, prosolution pills are made of herbal natural ingredients backed by certificates of analysis and have absolutely no side effects.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

What are the side effects of ProSolution? Increased blood pressure, heart rate, anger, etc...?

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Does ProSolution increase testosterone produced in the body? If it does, does that mean they're like anabolic steroids?

Author: Andrew from ProSolution forum

Yes you should do exercises. Exercises help pills, pills help exercises. As a result you have bigger penis. Results are permanent but I personally order one bottle per year to maintain the effect. There is a discount when you reorder so it's like $40 per year to have a 8.5" penis, I can afford it.

Author: dude from cali

do i have to do exercises with these pills? and do i have to keep taking them for results?

Author: advice from ProSolution forum

Don't worry much, prosolution does not contain ingredients that may cause side effects like Yohimbe. It's all-natural herbal supplement. The only thing is that young body development is not something a teenager should interfere with just because he thinks he has a smaller than average penis. Wait until he is at least 18 years old.

Author: Anonymous from US

what would happen in someone under 18 took the pills? my son mentioned something to me because he wants to impress his girlfriend and now im worried.

Author: advice from ProSolution forum

Teenagers under 18 should never engage to penis enlargement no matter how strong the temptation. If you are 20, you can start the prosolution program. There are no side effects but you are still young and your penis can grow without additional help.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Is there a certain age that i need to be before i should try out ProSolution? Im 20 and i was wondering if there would be any side effects caused because im younger? Any help?

Author: Anonymous from wilts uk

I'm back after almost 3 months to tell you Pro-Solution has not worked for me. I've followed daily exercise program, watched my diet & never failed to take pills daily yet no difference in size etc. Disappointed. Bought 5 month program & will continue for the sake of it. Will let you know at end of course if any gain at all. 26-8-08

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

can someone post username/password to try the exercises first? thx

Author: Mike from ProSolution forum

Just search in google, everyone says prosolution results are permanent. Why do you think they are not? Well you can try penis enlargement surgery - results will be 100% permanent. But it will have side effects no matter how successful the procedure went. Go ahead and pay $10,000 for the impotence and persistent pain after the surgery.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

it sucks that prosolution isnt permanent unless you keep using it- im not gonna buy the pills the rest of my life so whats the point

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

do you perform exercises? you should

Author: MR GROW from T DOT

well ive been using it for about 1.3 months and havent really noticed much growth...ill keep eevryone posted

Author: Anonymous from T Dot

I think the exercises are on the website. The membership is included with the pills.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

do they send u the excersices at home?or are they only online? Please help I need to know

Author: Andrew from ProSolution forum

I started prosolution program 2 years ago and continued for 6 months. Results were (all measurements when erect) - Beginning: 6.2". After 6 months: 8.5". Now when it's 18 months after I finished the program it's 8.4". I'll order another bottle to maintain effect - or even enlarge more. Yes I want more:) Anyway it comes with a discount when I reorder. I can afford $50 per year to have a 8.5" penis!

Author: Steven from New Jersey

my penis is now easily two and a half inches bigger than it was. my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Author: Anonymous from Wisconsin

Before I started with the exercises I was seeing growth but my erections were still weak and my penis was a bit elasticy. With the exercises not only is my penis longer and thicker but it’s stronger and stiffer.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

how would you do this

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

If you have A UPS store in your city u can get the packaged shipped there instead of your house and just go pick it up when it arrives. There charge a small holding fee for the packages like $5.00 unless u get a pay for a mailbox there and its free.

Author: Frederick K. from Santa Ana

New and improved Pro Solution Pills contain Solidilin and Drilizen, two ingredients which are unique to the industy making an unbeatable formula designed to help men increase penis size with permanent results.

Author: Anonymous from Italy

The results are not permanent the official site said that u have to continue taking the pills and do the exercises to maintain the effects that would be just wasting ur money because once u stop ur back to normal. At first they said it was permanent and now they say its short term

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

is online the only way to access the excercises?

Author: advice from ProSolution forum

no it should be credit card

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

can i order psp with a debit card though?

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

usually parents know about all transactions so you should not order without their permission.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

geting a debit card can i order this with one and would my parents know if i did? dont no much about using debit cards online really apperciate help thanks.

Author: Edward Sc. from K

18 years after we married and we have never had such incredible sex. Pro Solution work so naturally I just feel alive again. Wy wife is smiling all the time..

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

exercising help?

Author: killa from in

after two months of use my hard on was like a rockmabey a half inch in girth nothing on lenth after 5 months about half inch in lenth and another eigth in girth better erection also after 6 months after use i start loosing it and a year later im back what i was

Author: Andrew from ProSolution forum

I don't like it. Didn't do anything for me.

Author: Anonymous from toronto

it realy works

Author: user from N

yes it's right product to increase thickness

Author: Gmoney from NC

My size right now is about 6" looking more for increase in thickness more than anything..i tried extragen but it just got me extra prosolution legit or should i look elsewhere?

Author: Max from ProSolution forum

The best shipping is overnight via UPS - delivered to your physical mailing address by courier.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Is this product delivered to your door or in your mail and how long does it take to get if you buy the best shipping?

Author: Anonymous from Detroit, MI

Just Qurious.Is there any risk ?

Author: wb from San Diego,CA

Honestly! I've been on vimax for almost 5 month now and no girth and no lenght just hard on. I'm a very healthy conscious guy,I dont smoke or drink and pretty much athletic with good eating habits and regular excersize. I'm about to use the last bottle of vimax and not sure if I want to open it or throw it out. Dont be fooled by vimax they suck! they also sucked my $200.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

l am 16 and i no i am young but i can get girls easily i am just embarrassed about my size and that stops me. So honestly does this product have an age limit? Cuz i really dont want to feel embarresed anymore.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

i have taken vimax for 2 month now. and i dont see any results at all... i have not exercice so much. hope pro sulution is better.. vimax sucks long time.. i should never had buy'd them.. i have one month left, i dont know i should still take them

Author: Anonymous from wilts uk

5-6-08 Vimax is total bollocks folks & wish I'd found reviews before buying. Convinced I should have invested in ProSolution instead so about to order. Will be back in 3 months to let you know.

Author: Anonymous from TX

what are the exercises? how long do that take? is it time consuming?

Author: nicky from use

i wanna know if i can the product shipped to uae as soon as possible.

Author: dc from ontario

This is an honest reply: we all have different bodies that react in different ways to different products. However ProSolution is #1 product that works for most real people - this means it will work for you too.

Author: Anonymous from Indiana

does this really work? I need to know please be honest people

Author: Anonymous from London

How can you tell it's scam if you have not taken these pills? :)) They worked for me and for 1000's other people.

Author: simon rolfe from wiltshire uk

i havent taken the pills but from what i can tell its a scam can somebody prove me wrong?

Author: dude from ca

its not advisable to take the pill that early, your in adolescent stage, there a lot of hormonal fluctuations, wait until ur 21 and up, and ur organ is n ot develope yet, give it some time

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

I am 16 and i am only 4 inches. I want to take this or vimax but i am not sure if they would be bad to take at my age or would work. Can anyone help?

Author: Anonymous from Cro

great pills!

Author: answer from ProSolution forum

you should have performed all those excercises in order to see some gains

Author: Anonymous from CA

Didnot work for me. I tried it for one year. No change in size. I didn't try much of the excercise. But at least should gain something.

Author: ca from ca

it really works, its my 3rd motnh now, i also bougth size gentics, i had 1.2inch i havent measured the girth

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

wen do you get the user name or w/e for the exercises

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

great worked like a charm

Author: Anonymous from Austin

Did well for me, inch and half over 6 month supply.

Author: sa from ProSolution forum

i dont think so... just erect,

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Does penis size increase when flacid?

Author: answer from ProSolution forum

2sa: yes and no, I tried exercise alone a couple years ago and really noticed some changes like gained 0.5" in 2 months; now it's 3 months after I started prosolution+exercise program and I gained 2.8" when erect since I started - that's a huge difference!!!

Author: sa from to

i think the exercise is enough, pills only works to increase libido

Author: UNDERDOG from NYC

I have a few Questions. 1)I have been taking Viagra. If I start taking ProSolution Pills do I still need to take Viagra? 2) Where is ProSolution being delivered from? I have been doing a lot of research online & I have found that there is a lot of fake review penis pill websites. Mostly they trying to sell their products. So far, I have read seems like ProSolution is a top ligit product.

Author: ca from ca

yup, me too, im about finish my 2nd month and i had an increase of 1.6 inch, i only do jelq and long schlong

Author: j-j from colorado

That's right, you should choose a product that comes with an excercise program - like prosolution pills. The biggest thing here is not to perform "some" excercises - they might be dangerous for you!!! These pills come with a proven and reliable "For Men Only™" program - I know because I'm about to finish my second month now :)

Author: Anonomous from South Carolina

I'm getting ready to order the Prosolution product. It says that I will increase length up to 3 inches. If that is only a third correct, then I will be happy.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

has anyone tried vimax? i tried it for 3 months and it didnt do anything for me. I want to try prosolution becaues it offers exercises unlike vimax

Author: CoCkLonG KiD from N.Y

Thanx To These Pillz And Exersise Ma Cock Is Long And Strong!!! Why U Think Im CockLonG Kid?

Author: meager from ca

i would also like to know if jelqing is enoug??

Author: Mo from GA

ProSolution user : Thanks for your you're saying I can stop the pills, just continue the exercises and I should be good? And I'm assumign the exercises are the jelquing? Thanks

Author: wow from ProSolution forum

WOW!! 1 month supply (1 bottle) is for $78.95 but if I order a 1 year supply it will be $32.41 per one bottle + bonuses!!!

Author: ProSolution user from ProSolution forum

2Mo: the recommended timeframe for maximum results is 4-6 months; you can continue the exercises to maintain the effects.

Author: Mo from GA

Are the results permanent or do you have to continue taking the pills? thanks

Author: Neil from London

wonderful! amazing! recommend to everyone!!!

Author: Anonymous from ca

really? did u do the exercise?

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

pro solution didnt do anything for me

Author: jo from scottsdale

yes that's correct

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

so you gained 2.3 inches in 4 months?

Author: jo from scottsdale

I got only +0.3 when erected during my first month because I missed those exercises but then started them and overall gain is +2.3" so far, 4 months.

Author: Anonymous from ca

what do you mean dont do dick? its not workin?/ maybe ur not doin the exercise.

Author: Edward from Charleston

Really liked this one.. lots of sexual energy, no small size gains so far with a lot of pills left to go. I'll post back in a few months. Love it.

Author: MAN from ProSolution forum

Can not believe what i see in the mirror when i look at my penis before it was small and i mean small. Now i feel already more like a man!!!

Author: Joe from South Car.

My penis feels alot stronger, With prosolutions forumla i can actually feel the increased production of testosterone in my body. I have alot more energy now, as well as an increased libdio. My penis is starting to react to the build-up of psp inside me

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Starting tomorrow

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Well, im starting pro solutions this week, i hope it works.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

does this pill increase your penis size when its non-aroused?

Author: Anonymous from Houston

Tried it for 2 months now, works as advertised. Gained about 1.5 inches in length, not much girth.

Author: Anonymous from ca

none, it was delivered to me via box, with a "herbal suplement" written on it

Author: big S from florida

I want to order prosulution but i dont want anyone to know,Does anything give it away when it is mailed to your house,noone openns my mail so im guessing it just comes in a small cardboard box or somethin,

Author: Anonymous from ca

wats ur prob anyway? length or erection? i thnk legth is permanent, but i duno much bout erection,

Author: Anonymous from uk

Can anyone help, are the gains permanant? i used vimax and it done nothing really, just i dont fancy having to take the pills forever just to keep a decent erection.

Author: Anonymous from md

I really just want to know if its better to buy vimax or pro solutuion? I am torn between the 2, because one website will say pro S. is the best, and another will say vimax is the best. Can somebody really tell me which is better?

Author: meager from ca

have any of you guys having problems with size genetics?? coz evrytime i use it noticed that the the head of my penis has a poor circulation,

Author: meager from CA

well pro solution got a "new & improved formula" and i noticed they removed the l-arginine and some other ingredients, anyway i started using it almost 3weeks and ive seen an increase in girth not so much in length, they say that the most noticeable result is after 2months, i hope their right.. ill inform u the results after i tried it for two months, good luck

Author: Hank from UK

Meager, I have also ordered this combo of SizeGenetics and ProSolution, they seem to actually be independant companies offering a co-operative product, I have been suing around one month and have seen slight gains, expecting more this month as per the instructions

Author: Mr Smith Grind from uk

After much hesitation i have decided to take up the challenge, and i hope as do us all that this pill really does what it claims,it sounds like a lot of bucks to pay on a hope and a prayer, but if it works i will be one happy man, i have gone for the 5 month pack and i will keep you posted.i am yet to take measurements, but i will be monitoring the journey well.

Author: meager from CA

i already order a set, im gona try this size and pro combination and tell u the results after a month or two

Author: Anonymous from Uk

I didn't try yet just order Vimax and I wonder to use Peni Master as wall. I never have problem with erection just need my tool to grow a little more if someone can let me know if that stays permanent or I need to keep taking them if so I get Peni Master for shore. Any advise

Author: meager from CA

have anybody tried a combination of size genetics and pro solution? ive seen a special 30% discount for prosolution(extra strength) if u buy the size genetics but i am just wondring wat is the difference of pro solution extra strength and pro solution new and improved.

Author: admin from

2 john/canada: yes, results are permanent 2 Nabbi/Pakistan: you can order online or by fax/mail using the link below (see "visit the official prosolution site" blue link).

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

nice product

Author: Nabbi from Pakistan

i want to by prosolution, And where i can ged it please tell me.

Author: john from canada

i was wondering if someone could tell me if this is a permanant solution or do you have to keep taking them. please reply to

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

Excellent product

Author: john r from uae

the best product ever. i've tried other pills (no need to mention), but this one worked for me. thanks for the research.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

looks like there is a new prosolution system now with new formula and comes with up to $400 bonuses will try it

Author: tom from ca

I have used these pro solution pills for 5 months, my p. went from 5.0L and 4.4G to 6.8L and 6.6G. More than average. My wife is estatic. She wants me to go ahead for a more girth.

Author: Review Master from ProSolution forum

8/16/07 Just finished the second month of Pro Solution pills. There has been a slight gain in girth but no gain in length. The "helmet" seems to be bigger, and veins are more pronounced. I'm on to my last month of pills.

Author: Review Master from ProSolution forum

Well, I just finished my first month of Pro Solution pills. They're the new extra strength formula. Size wise there has not been any size increase. They recommend the jelq technique, which is a penis exercise. Pro Solution says it will bring on faster results. I haven't been doing the exercises. My reviews will be based on pill consumption alone. We will see what month two will bring!

Author: Anonymous from Review Master

Nice review, just got done using Vimax, I recently bought 3 bottles of Pro Solution (6/8/07) They will arrive next week. My current size(inches): 6.25 Length by 5.5 Girth. I will post updates after each month. I think that may help people.

Author: p from ProSolution forum

I've used all bottles of prosolution now, I noticed my erections are a lot healthier and stronger, my penis was hanging a lot more when flaccid when using the pills which helped me get through the day at work without having to worry so much about it. also they now feature new extra formula and new pack so I'm thinking about buying another pack to continue grow, results are amazing!

Author: Zack Lindenberg from CA

I just finished my first 1 month supply of extra strength prosolution pills. I was 6" to begin with but wanted to be bigger. I kept the pills a secret from my girlfriend to see if she would notice on her own and she has. I'm up to 6 1/2 now. I plan on continuing the use of prosolution

Author: Hunter Caskey from Texas USA

Been using prosolution pills for over a month now and I have already seen gains of almost one inch. I am on a 2 day 1 day rest exercise formula with the pills and it working amazing. Wish it could go forever!

Author: L A from Germany

Much more sexual drive, No erection problems at all (it can get hard whenever i want). The erected penis has gained 4cm in length and 1cm in circumference.

Author: Anonymous from US

Prosolution definately worked for me. It raised my ability to control when i got off, and it enlarged my penis alot when i was on it, and widthwise it is still larger. Ive been off them for a year now and im still happy with the results. However since the first day i was taking them i got horrible stomach aches and diarreah from them which made it hard to be sexual until my stomache felt better.

Author: tom from UK

I'm just about ready to start my 6th month of PSP/PE. I am very pleased with the results. My goals were not in the areas of enlargement, but rather in the areas of sexual stamina & performance. I did experience some growth in both EL & EG. My wife seems pleased with the size increase, but more so with the improvement in the overall quality of our sex life.

Author: oscar from ProSolution forum

I used to take vig-rx and would say they enhanced my erection but didn't increase size, though I guess if I did excercises then maybe something might have happened. Anyway have been using pro solution pills for 2 weeks and so far I would say they definitely work. Have to say I notice a difference mainly in girth and head size!

Author: Daddy from ProSolution forum

Yes, give it a try! I've been using enzyte for a month & half. I can see results! I have added girth and can feel the erections as they are fuller and much firmer as the company says.

Author: Anonymous from ProSolution forum

has anyone had any results with these pills? i've heard only positive feedback and want to ttry

Author: Lester from Wyoming

ONLy product that has worked for me and I have tried alot.

Author: IK from europe

Better erection, increased ejaculation, enlarged my penis. 5 start, excellent!!

Author: Frank Slade from UK

My erections become larger. But penis size is still small. I want to try another more powerful remedy.

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